05 Jan / A better LAKBot

We launched a new release of LAKBot.

— Changes —

  • Added a last run log, showing all performed actions
  • Enlightened log error purpose and run button
  • Names of units and buildings now are showing
  • Silver and Bronze trading feature works now with pushcarts too (before oxcart only)
  • Added maximum farm distance (though still only covers one map tile)
  • Added auto-update feature (check new versions every week)
  • No lose data on version update
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • Bryan

    The bot works great now no issues so far i went thought the whole thing and works 110%, Great work team glad you listened to many features i offered up.

  • Umit Koralp

    Hi, i payd for lifetime subscription with PayPal. But i did not get any activation code?

    • LAKBot Team

      I resent it by email


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