04 Jun / Autoload

Hi Lords and Ladies,

First of all, I apologize for being several months without updating. I would update more frequently, and I will try do it.

Here a new LAKBot update with autoload feature. Start the bot automatically by command line with a specific config file

– Changes v2.4 –

  • Added Autoload feature
    • Added file command line parameter to set config file on startup
    • Added autoload command line parameter to start and hide automatically on startup
    • Added a tool on Advanced Options to generate command line text and save a bat file on desktop
  • Added min and max delay between commands
  • Added login data check on code activation
  • Added a delete log entries button on Error log Tab
  • Added new button on General options to start an empty configuration
  • Forced human behaviour feature
  • Fixed TLS error
  • Upgraded UI components library
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • James

    no Viking troops recruitment available???

    • LAKBot Team

      Not yet

  • euplotes

    please, could you explain the feature in Advanced Options to generate command line text ?

  • Pete

    Whoa nice, thank you very much!! Please dont leave us alone again 🙁

  • JadedFan

    My version is still at 1.6.x Auto-update feature appears to not be working. Suggestions?

    • LAKBot Team

      Try to uninstall and install again.
      NOTE: This update is for LAKBot not LAKWar.


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