LAKBot Download Now Available

How to start

1 Download and install the bot from the link above. The installer download required .Net Framework if you have not installed it.

2 Open LAKBot with desktop shortcut. In General Options tab, enter your email and password of your game portable account. Then press start trial button.

3 Change to Worlds & Castles tab, press refresh button to load worlds and castles for your account.

If no worlds are shown, check your account data.

Download the Windows version here and try it for free for 2 days

Fully featured

LAKBot Download

Purchase additional monthly subscriptions for 4.99 € (euros)

Fully featured. One subscription per account

Month LAKBot subscription

Purchase a lifetime subscription for 29.90 € 19.95 € (euros) (Limited time offer)

One subscription per account

Lifetime LAKBot subscription