03 Jun / Faster farm, missions and trade

We have focused efforts to optimize the bot, especially in the most time-consuming tasks. Now farm, missions and trade is faster, reducing the time about 80%.

– Changes v1.9 –

  • Group tasks by categories first, instead of by castle first
  • Optimize free castle search for near castles
  • Optimize trade action grouping sequencial actions
  • Optimize mission action with execute all missions feature
  • Add Select/deselect all in castle grid
  • Fix over 60 points farming on Batle World Server
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • Pete

    there is an error with the global assembly cache with the setup.exe
    i cant install the latest version.

  • Gotch

    during installing became an error devexpres xtrabars 10.1.4

  • LAKBot Team

    I’ve published a new versión fixing the error.

    – Changes v1.9.1 –

    Fix missing DevExpress Xtrabars Library

  • Gotch

    Thx, it works


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