11 Apr / Fortress development

All actions from fortresses are now available.

– Changes v2.2 –

  • Added build action from fortresses
  • Added research action from fortresses
  • Added recruit action from fortresses
  • Added trade action from fortresses
  • Added mission action from fortresses
  • Added arabic language
  • Fixed “The knowledge research list boundary was reached” error
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • Hadi

    I have a problem in the bot
    It is an attack on free Castles
    I do not know what are the exact problem
    But every time stands bot attacks
    And research and developments going on, everything is okay, except for attacks on castles !!!
    But I do not know what the problem
    Now to me more than a month since I bought the bot did not benefited fully benefit

    Please, tell me what exactly the problem!

    • Skip

      It’s called farming. You can disable it by deselecting farm

  • Andreas X

    Synchronization problems – Fortress and castles. The program splits the silver and the attack is not synchronized. The silver arrives at two different times. The attack fails.

  • Mark X

    I am not sure the fortress build actiion is working. I have one fortress that has maximum resources avaialble and a ton of different buildings to build, but it is doing nothing, the log says nothing to build.

    • LAKBot Team

      Which step is found?


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