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    I decided not to post each of these suggestions to separate threads. It does not mean they are less important, though.

    Fix not developing new castles. The last update added new castle management options. But only farming and building can be set on by default for new castles. So, for the new castles, other functions are off. The idea is to add ability to set other default options, too.

    Force build workers option. Add the option to automatically build warriors when a tavern mission is invented, but there are not enough warriors currently available. The piority of building these “forced” warriors should always be higher than of building warriors from default list.

    Better trading. I’ve seen the bot trading silver/copper in too small portions, wasting pushcarts and oxcarts. The idea is to add a column to “Trading” tab, which sets the smallest amount of copper/silver to be traded. This information should also be used when trading is caused by resource overflow.

    Warrior building schemes. It’s a common practise to classify castles by what warriors they mostly build. The main schemes are: offense, defense and balanced. It also should be possible to add intermediate roles, such as pure offense. So the suggestion is, leave current (default) warrior scheme as it is, but add the ability to create new schemes and assign them manually to the castles.

    Scheduled attacks. Add a new scheduled attacks tab, and 3 subtab tables in it: one for attacking castles, one for helping with warriors and one for helping with resources. Records should consist of the sender castle (selectable), target castle name, period (sets minimum time increment after which the castle should be attacked again), warriors (by type). It would help if the target name field had autocompletion.

    Mobile device support. Each time I want to do anything in the game myself, I have to stop the bot, and start again afterwards. But doing it through VPN connection on a mobile device is a horrible experience, should I say. The suggestion is to attach a simple web server to the game, which responds to just 2 routes: for starting and for stopping the bot. In the bot settings, server on/off tick and port should be added.

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    LAKBot Team

    very very helpfull suggestions. I’ll try to include them in the next releases

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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