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    First of all Im very appriciated for lakbot,
    my problem is had change my email today for the lords and knights login.
    now when I had to run again the lakbot I had to pressed to the start trial button and is sais its will be expired in two days obviously.
    so my quietion is it is will be expiring or not ?
    or what to do?
    or when we can talk about this im happy to give you old login details and my new one.
    olso I still have my registration code from my first monthly payment,

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    Correction: WHERE we can talk about this
    becuse I dont really wanna post here my email address

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    LAKBot Team

    If you have a LifeTime subscription, please send an email to and tell your activation code and paypal transaction id or email

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    no it isnt a lifetime one
    its a monthly subscibetion one
    but my new email address is not that one where from I sending by paypal.

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