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    I downloaded the LAKWar and really not sure as for how to use it and what is the main use of it.
    Will it concord free nearby casils for me like?
    Does it recruit soldiers depend on the situations? such as, when the enemy keeps attacking and killing my troops or when I lose some of them and when I
    attack or when I defend?
    Will it attack and concord the near person to me who has no clan/alliance and ran out of the 14 days protection?
    Does it auto defend the castle when anyone attacks me like?
    Also, is it possible to make each castle only for a specific job/class, for example, first one is for defense, second castle for offense, the 3rd one is
    mix from both, and so on?
    I can’t use it since it has no demo after I’ve downloaded it though.
    Also I keep hear about this trikil thing, can you tell me what is it, and give example like please?
    Sorry if I’m asking so much but you really did a great, not only a great but really an excellent job on this.
    Cheers, good work.
    Regards, Mohammed

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