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    First I appreciate our effort to make the not compatible with Forteress.
    Though it as few of bugs of bugs
    *Recruitment: I believe the bot is not taking into account all the unit you that are in transit or maybe in mission. There when, i set it to recruit a set amount of units like 100 pushcart, it keep recruiting pushcarts despite being over the specified amount cause some of my them might outside farming …u see what i mean{This issue was previously mentioned in the earlier version:)

    Another drawback is the the deleting farm report without losses in not working anymore..well disabled.It was a great feature and i thin is should be enabled again

    One more thing can i use the previous version with fortresses without compatibility while i wait for new update

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    LAKBot Team

    Thanks for your help.

    I’ll try to fix unit count.
    I’m planning to include again deleting farm reports.
    Yes, you can use the version you want (with their advantages and disadvantages)

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    the the new version 2.02 to be stuck on the build, recruitment steps
    its seems like it not working

    Second, how t i use previous version? the download only install the latest

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    When i run…it doesnot doanything for some reason.In last run tab, i just show two captions: send res options and build optons

    it give this error
    Server Time Text
    113 1/19/2015 1:15:40 AM No units found in habitat. – {“error” : “No units found in habitat.”,”requestParameters” : {“693? : [“cd74c2267493bd7cce5cf43083d753c9e7142b16fa422b5b11d1d14558516ab8”],”destinationHabitatID” : [“1538”],”callback” : [“Session.updateCallback”],”resourceDictionary” : [“{6=0;}”],”sourceHabitatID” : [“1140”],”PropertyListVersion” : [“3”],”unitDictionary” : [“{1=0; 2=1; 101=0; 102=0; 201=0; 202=0; 10001=1; 10002=0;}”],”transitType” : [“2”],”_” : [“1421630139546”]},”requestUri” : “/XYRALITY/WebObjects/LKWorldServer-US-8.woa/6/wa/TransitAction/startTransit”,”clientCommand” : {“isLocalized” : false,”action” : 3,”message” : “No units found in habitat.”},”requestCookies” : [“”,””,””,””,””]}

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    Yes please fix building and recruitment.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

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    I suspect the option “trade silver while store limit is exceeded” may be causing the bot not to work properly.
    I tested it : when enabled the “trade silver while store limit is exceeded” and press runonce the bot not work properly/
    but when i disabled it, it somewhat does work
    please take a look into that

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