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    Hi, having issues with lakbot,its not doing the things I have set up for it to do. eg. I have it set the the minimum recruit account is 40 units but I always check and its bulding 1 unit. The other problem I’m having is I’m trying to build a castle to its max, It wont build all the way because it keeps trading resources when full so for that particular castle I have turned off everything but the build function and its still trading for resources. Can you please help me


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    Any response from support? why am i paying if it doesn’t work properly and noone can help me out.

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    The issue is linked for sure to your configuration: i.e. time passed from the last run, troops remaining to build, resources available …
    For more details I suggest to analyse the last run in the tab

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    I had experienced both problem you are talking about.
    First i suggest to not allow trading ressource when the castle is close to its max.
    Second if the bot still trade ressources even when it’s turned off, you should probably save the actual settings then reload the bot. Make it a habit to do it everytime after setting changes.

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    LAKBot Team


    The recruit unit minimum amount takes effect only if more than that amount is needed to reach the target.

    To disable trade:
    1. Uncheck all castle “trade” on “Worlds and Castles” Tab
    2. And uncheck “Trade silver” on “build options” Tab

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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