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    You have recently said a phrase that worried me quite a bit: for each action the bot refreshes the player status. I hope that the bot collects only the info which is needed for the current action (and subsequent actions if it frees it from checking that time).

    Particularily, I would request to optimize farming as much as possible, because it’s the bottleneck that can indefinitely slow processing of a single castle. Maybe the recently added “attack with last formation” feature can help.

    In general, if there is any possibility to make optimizations, they should be the top priority. As of now, it takes a 2×2 GHz server up to 5 mins to process a single castle (farm range 20, no farm sent previously), so it just can’t handle 20 castles in a best way.

    P.S. There is a bug with the forums: captcha shows only after the error “The words you entered were incorrect”.

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    LAKBot Team

    “For each action the bot refreshes the player status”, is how XYRality servers work. The response of any action is the new player status.

    Optimize farming. we’ll try to work in it. A question: How many attacks have been performed in these 5 min?

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    It seems like I misunderstood what “player status” means.
    Regarding farming, no farm had been sent in 4 hours before, so all free castles within 20 radius had to be farmed – around 100 per castle.

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