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    Hi developers.

    First of all thanks for this product. I have bought it for farming because it takes a lot of time if you have a big account to farm free castles.

    But I have problem. I use standard settings and sometime farming doesn’t work. I have enabled night for farm but at the morning it says that units will not arrive at day/night (or something like this). But it’s not a truth. Could you please took a look into the problem. I can provide more information if needed.

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    i had the same/a similar problem with the day/night mode ..

    now i use the following configuration:
    1 Sword , 1 Pushcard [ ]
    1 Sword , 1 Pushcard [X] Night Mode activated

    so the bot will send out farming troops in day and night time without any problems 😉

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    LAKBot Team

    Exactly, you must define attack formations for the day and, separatelly, attack formations for the night.

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    Is there a chance to Lose troops in night mode? Not really sure.

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