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    Hello all,

    may i ask you how lakwar works??? Does it trickle other castles and if yes how does it work? A friend of mine bought lakwar and can only do self-trickling…


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    Kevin M.

    Dear Lakbat,

    Thanks for the great applications I’m using the bot and war.

    I have an additional question on the self-trickling feature in the LAKWAR. Is the self-trickling limited to a certian time. I wanted to start self trickling for the next day but the application doesn’t load any options for trickling but I have sufficient soldiers available on the castle?

    Kind regards,
    Kevin M.

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    LAKBot Team

    @Mayden: In first version, it can only do self-trickling. Now it can do tricling to others castles

    @Kevin: I’ll take it into consideration

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