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    Hi. Most of the program seems self explanatory, but I can’t seem to get past step 1. How do you get the Worlds & Castles tab to populate your account? I:
    1) Entered my email and password
    2) clicked Start Trial
    3) Tried every button in Worlds & Castle tab…nothing populates

    What step am I missing.

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    LAKBot Team

    Hi Chris,

    Press ‘Refresh’ buttom. Pay attention to status label (at left bottom corner) and check for errors in log tab.

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    I have installed the trial, but it has yet to complete a run. Does it work with 50 Castles?

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    hi Bob , it should also work with 50 castles .. but then it just takes more time to send out the troops for farming and start building .. because the program does not perform all the actions on the same time .. first it’s checking how many castles there are around your castles .. and then send out the troops for each castle step by step .. so it will take some time until all units are out for farming.

    you can start testing with a few castles first.

    i have 12 Castles on the battle Server and there it takes already about 20 – 30 minutes to perfom only the farming and missions. During that time, just let the program run .. it will maybe show you it is not responding .. but just wait, it’s working ..

    Maybe it also depends on the speed of the internet connection … so start little fr testing 😉

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    I am having a problem that is similar to this problem, unless I am not understanding what his problem is… The bot is working perfectly, and it works in about 4 minutes for my 42 castles. It is seeming to work flawlessly, besides that most of my castles will not farm. I am trying to send out farming runs of 25 lancers, or 20 AH. I click to run, and then when I check what the run did, it shows up that there on some of my castles, it can not find any castles to farm. I have about 4 castles farming, which is using about 2.5k lancers, but I have about 15k lancers left in other castles, and I would like for them to be farming. Is there a way to fix this, or will I just have to live with it?

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    Trial started, i got no email (but maybe it’s normal), but don’t understand how it is supposed to retrieve my castle list (i click REFRESH but nothing happens) since it’s not asking me user/pass from the game

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    LAKBot Team

    In General Options tab, enter your email and password of your game portable account. Then press start trial button.
    Change to Worlds & Castles tab, press refresh button to load worlds and castles for your account.
    If no wordls are shown, check your account data.

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