16 Sep / Improved farming

First of all, apologies for the error in the forum and farming headaches.

With this release, we have tried to improve farming to avoid these farming headaches.

– Changes v1.11.1 –

  • Fixed excluded castle reservations on farming without reservation

– Changes v1.11 –

  • Improved castle search, now if free castle is not recently updated, bot don’t send attack on it.
  • Excluded castle reservations on farming
  • Fixed too large request error on execute all missions with more than 150 castles. Now, bot splits in several requests
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • Mika

    Hello i bought the bot but it dont build the castles to maximum to 288 points how i can fix that ?

  • Kevin Burns

    Loaded new version but farming is still not working. Run report says found 0 free castles on every keep.

  • LAKBot Team

    Fixed, bot wasn’t work if there are no reservations

  • Mevis

    four o’clock bot worked well. Now again stopped. Sorry for my english

  • LAKBot Team

    Try new release, bot wasn’t work if there are knowledge orders


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