LAKBot Documentation

How to start

  1. Download and install the bot from the link above. The installer download required .Net Framework if you have not installed it.
  2. Open LAKBot with desktop shortcut. In General Options tab, enter your email and password of your game portable account. Then press start trial button.
  3. Change to Worlds & Castles tab, press refresh button to load worlds and castles for your account.
    If no worlds are shown, check your account data.

General Options Tab

  • Alias: Custom text to show on window title and notification buble text
  • Email: Your L&K Portable account email
  • Password: Your L&K Portable account password
  • Code: Activation code. It is only necessary to send activation code once
  • Time between runs: minutes the bot waits before to start a new run
  • Active new worlds: Active bot features when you sign in a new server
  • Active farm options: Active farm options when you conquer a new castle
  • Active build options: Active build options when you conquer a new castle
  • Language: Interface language

World & Castles Tab

  • Worlds: List of sign in worlds
    • Name: World name
    • Active: Active bot features
  • Castles: List of own castles for selected world
    • Name: Castle name
    • Farm: Active farm feature
    • Missions: Active mission feature
    • Get resources: Active get resources feature
    • Build: Active build feature
    • Research: Active research feature
    • Recruit: Active recruit feature
    • Trade: Active trade feature
    • Send resources: Active send resource feature

Farm Options Tab

  • Hours between attacks: Wait time before to attack a free castle again
  • Maximum distance to farm attacks:
  • Maximum farm attacks per castle and run
  • Delete farm reports with looses:

Attack formations SubTab

  • Units: units used in farm attacks
  • Priority: priority for this formation
  • Night: If is marked this options is only used  for night attacks, otherwise is only used to day attack

Missions SubTab

  • Mission: Mission name
  • Priority: Mission priority
  • Active: Active mission

Get Resources SubTab

  • Maximum castle points to get resources:
  • Maximum distance to get resources
  • Minimum castle point to send resources
  • Minimum store level to send resources

Build Options Tab

Behavior: First bot checks all targets for step 1, then all for step 2, and so on. When a target is not achieved then it remains in this step until all step targets are achieved.

  • Recruit unit minimum amount:
  • Minimum castle points to trade:
  • Trade silver while store limit is exceeded: Force silver trade while store limit is exceeded
  • Step: Step number
  • Targets:
    • Build: Building level for this step
    • Research: knowledge targets for this step
    • Recruit: unit amount and priority to recruit for this step
    • Market: resource amount and priority to trade for this step

Last Run Tab

  • Caption: Section caption
  • Description: performed action description
  • Time: performed action time
  • Seconds: performed action duration

Error Log Tab

  • Server: world error
  • Time: error time
  • Text: error description
  • Extra information: error extra information

Advanced Options Tab

  • Human behavior:
    • Enabled: when human behavior mode is enabled
    • Seconds between actions: wait time between bot actions
    • Minutes between server runs: wait time between runs of differnts worlds
    • Working time: Indicates when the bot runs
      • Week day: The day of the week
      • Start time: the minimum time of the day when the bot runs
      • End time: the maximum time of the day when the bot runs
  • Command line Autoload
    • Autoload Text: This is the command line text to run the bot with current config file and hide and start automatically. This can be used on MSDOS terminal or a .bat file.
    • Save autoload file: This button save a .bat file on your desktop with current autoload text.
  • Proxy options: left blank if you don’t want to use a proxy server
    • Proxy server: full proxy server url
    • Proxy user credentials: optional
    • Proxy password credentials: optional