16 May / Magic trickling

Magic trickling tries to fill empty slots automatically.

– Changes v1.2.1 –

  • Fixed destination tab for new trickling button on castle search tab
  • Fixed “Column is contrained to be unique” error on Load attack options

— Changes v1.2 —

  • Added magic trickling feature
  • Added New tricling button on Worlds and castle tab
  • Added New tricling button on Castle search tab
  • Fix synchronized attacks
  • Fix trickling units calculation for fortresses
By LAKBot Team in LAKWar News
  • Shane

    Attack no longer works with the new update. Error message

    “Column ‘Target, TotalTime, Server, Castle, Unit’ is constrained to be unique. Value’19, 4.17:22:00, 51, 23631, 2′ is already present.”

    • euplotes

      I’ve an error in attack prgram. See the weblink

  • LAKBot Team

    Please, try new version

  • Andreas X

    Synchronization problems – Fortress and castles. The program splits the silver and the attack is not synchronized. The silver arrives at two different times. The attack fails.

  • Pete

    Yes, even v1.2.1 isnt synchronizing the attacks. fix plz!

  • Simo

    please add a button to the self-trickling menu, it takes too much time to click one by one the slots, so please add a button similar to the magic trickling button that you already have, and make it share the same magic trickling mininum margin seconds settings. thanks.

    • LAKBot Team

      Thanks, I’ll take it into consideration


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