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08 Apr / Viking Event

After new “Viking Event” LAKWar must to be upgrade.

I will launch the new releases as soon as possible.

I have just fixed the error when you have recruited vikings units. But, it is NOT available to attack or tricking with these units.

– Changes v1.6 –

  • Fixed new viking units not found error
  • Added login data check on code activation
  • Fixed TLS error
  • Upgraded UI components library
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– Changes v1.5.2 –

  • Fixed error occurred when some trickling target is deleted0

– Changes v1.5.1 –

  • Fixed error occurred when some attack target is deleted

– Changes v1.5 –

  • Added Get default values from last row feature on attack and trickling targets
  • Added refreshing castle names on castle search, recall units and attack and trickling targets
  • Fixed dbnull error on recall units
  • Fixed Troops are too slow to arrive with selected transit error
  • Fixed duplicated trickling target entries
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LAKWar is now more secure (not undetectable) whit new secure features.

Added new magic attack and recall units features and some more changes and fixes.

– Changes v1.4.1 –

  • Fixed Not enoght troops alert on fake targets

– Changes v1.4 –

  • Added secure features
    • Added delay between connections
    • Added delay between commands
    • Removed asynchronous calls on castle search
    • Removed asynchronous calls on castle rename
  • Added magic attack feature
  • Added recall units feature
  • Added player is under attack protection alert on attack targets
  • Added minimum troops and silver alert on attack targets
  • Changed 3 digits (instead of 2) in “Castle sequential number” code on castle rename
  • Added a delete log entries button on Error log Tab
  • Fixed trickling and self-trickling on fortresses
  • Fixed Index Out Of Range Error on Rename
  • Fixed sinchronization errors


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08 Oct / Human behavior

The bot is now more secure (not undetectable) whit new human behavior features.

Thanks to Hamster for his Russian translation

– Changes v2.3.1 –

  • Added human behavior
    • the bot waits severeal seconds between actions
    • the bot waits serveral minutes between worlds connections
    • the bot has a working time during the week
  • Added Russian translation
  • Fixed error when refresh castle after run cancelation
  • Fixed knowledge research list boundary for fortresses
  • Fixed unit recruit list boundary for fortresses
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19 Sep / Temporary ban

The latest game update fights against tools like this bot.

I’ll start working on it.
But I can not promise that XYRality stops their efforts against third-party applications.

If you have been temporary banned and you want to help me to improve this bot, please answer this anonymous survey:

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