14 Aug / Proxy settings

Now, you can set a proxy in the bot per instance. We do NOT recommend run several accounts in the same machine (IP), but with this features you can set the configuration of your prefered proxys. You must use a different proxy per instance and be sure other users are not using this proxy.

– Changes v1.10 –

  • Added proxy settings in the bot
  • Added version info
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • BB

    Unsure how you do that……. can you explain a little more on where you get one. Dose it cost to get a proxy server.

    Thanks the more details the better

  • yukyusan

    Problem with this update
    Freeze at 95%(13mb / 13mb6)
    Try new setup, same problem

    • LAKBot Team

      It seems to install correctly.
      Do you still have the problem?


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