15 Jun / Sinchronizing fix

– Changes v1.3.2 –

  • Fixed transport time calculation on fortresses with 5% speed bonus

– Changes v1.3.1 –

  • Fixed synchronized attacks
By LAKBot Team in LAKWar News
  • Andreas X

    “Self-Trickling” with fortress still does not work :))

    There is no indication how many troops were sent or how many are left.
    – Is it possible to change it manualy in the “war options” ?
    – Same for the numbers of trups with “trickling” ?!
    – Is there any posibility to set – in the “war options” – how many trups by “trickling” and “self-trickling” will sent?
    – Is there any posibility to see how many trups by “self-trickling” are still left ?

  • Andreas X

    There is a problem how many troops deny the attack. The program sends more than the maximum specified number of attackers.


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