LAKBot Features Many features for you to enjoy the game

General features

  • Enable all the servers you want
  • Activate farming option on castles you want
  • Activate building option on castles you want
  • Auto-activation for new castles conquered
  • Available in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese
  • Detailed performed actions log
  • Custom proxy settings

Farming features

  • Customize the time between attacks
  • Customize the attacks formations for farming
  • Define night formation or stop in the night
  • Select which tavern missions are executed
  • Get resources from bigger castles

Building features

  • Customize how to build your castle step by step
  • Define which buildings are built in each step
  • And which knowledges are rechearched
  • And which units are recluited
  • And how many silver and cooper trade

How it works

Every few minutes the bot connects to get the information from your available resources and units. Then it sends the instructions to farm, build, research, recruit or trade, according to your settings.