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Hi Michael,
i hope i dont get in trouble now with the LAKBot Team, but ..

Just wait a couple of days for the next update 😉

In the next update you can choose how many farm troops you will send out on each castle during one run …
so the runtime of your bot will getting shorter 😉 (It takes about 3 – 5 seconds to send out one farm troop) ..

For example,

I am using the bot with already 57 castles and have about 6000 farm troops in ~ max. 50 castles .. but also farming at a range of 99 fields with a waiting time of 6 hours between the attacks on one castle 😉

but the bot runs just every 90 minutes and sending out 10 farm troops for each castle during one run .. so it takes about 30 minutes for one run..

the other “60” minutes i have time to do other stuff in L&K manually. attacking some castles, upgrading castles, trading silver and copper … ( yes i still do that by hand!)

So , the more actions you perfom with the bot, the longer time it need until he is ready after one run ..

after the coming update you also see the needed time for one complete run in the “Last run” Tab. so YOU can decide what time settings you will use for the bot 😉