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    How much bandwith does LAKBot “take”. Seems to me it is downloading much more than it is uploading. And very hight numbers. Been measuring last three hours. Averaging 400 MB in download and most 20 MB. Is this correct and if so why is it downloading this huge amount of data?

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    To hasty there. This should be average DL/UL per hour and the 20MB should be upload.

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    LAKBot Team

    Its normal to download more data vs upload.

    The amount of transferred data depends on:
    – The time between runs
    – The number of servers
    – The number of castles
    – The number of perfomed actions

    This is the data that LAKBot downloads
    – For each run, it gets all your available servers
    – For each actived server, it gets all your player status
    – For each castle, it refreshes all near free castle status
    – For each action, it refresh your player status

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    Thank you for very clear answer on the function.

    This does though strike my as odd. The amount of the data. When the game self is running it uses only fraction of this.

    I did another test.

    One Castle / One server
    Only farming chosen. Not Missions, Buildings, Recruitment etc.
    Only 2 carts in the castle.
    Lowered the field range of farming to 30 fields.

    Still each run requires 7MB in download. Ten runs would then be 70MB, 100 runs 700MB etc.

    That is only one castle with relatively short range in farming and two carts.

    Does this not strike you as odd?

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    LAKBot Team

    You’re right!
    LAKBot doesn’t use compression in its requests.
    We’ll fix it, thank you for your help

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    Pleasure and thank you for this nice piece of stoftware 🙂

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    This has been solved. DL is not a problem anymore.

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