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    Hey, first to say this bot is awesome, works nearly like a charm. My question is if it is possible to priorize the castle building more than farming, missions and converting silver? especially the new conquered 40Pts. free castles are builded up very slowly. The bot always tries to get troops to farm free castles and so on.

    Kind regards!

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    LAKBot Team

    nice suggestion, i will take it into considertation

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    I have successfully input the building and farming options as I prefer and am happy with the interface. Research is more difficult as there is no cross reference between library level and research available in the options (so you could request a research area while the library level does not support it).

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    Maybe you don’t need a priority system but a checkmark system instead like the [] build and [] farm checkmarks which are yet available. just add more checkmarks for research, troops, silver and so on.

    Kind regards 🙂

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    Hi: same question as another, Is there a way to show that LAKBOT is actually executing? In case it gets interrupted or something. Does it restart on its own if it gets interrupted? Also do you need to “run once” every time you start? Do you need to stop the bot if you want to play on the phone and then start again after you are too busy?


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