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    How can i completly remove the lakbot? If i uninstall and reinstall the bot my login still appear. I want to do this because I install the bot a few weeks ago but didn’t use the trail. Know i want to test it and my trail periode is over.

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    I guess the date of your first login is also stored on the lakbot server (including your email adress) .. so you can only test the lakbot trial with a new L&K Account or have to purchase the bot for minimum one week 😉

    otherwise nobody will pay for that bot if you can just delete and reinstall the bot and use the trial again ..

    so it’s not necessary to uninstall the bot.

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    No, this information MUST BE local stored. Because if uninstall an reinstall this app. Login information is still exist 😉 So it’s somewhere stored on my PC. I guess C:\Windows\Assembly but I have no knowledge about that directory and i’m afraid if i delete thinks from there i mess up my pc!

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    Good evening,

    Thank you very much for the nice bot, i purchased lifetime membership of the software. But i have a problem, could u please contact me with the email i wrote to the details

    Thank u very much indeed

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    LAKBot Team

    The preferences file is stored in your profile data folder.
    Normally, C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\data.xml

    Delete this file, in order to completly remove the lakbot.

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