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    first of all the tools are great and working fine. To improve the tools i have some suggestions to make.

    It would be great to PLAN multiple trickles and attacks which will be scheduled from the program and if the time comes, lakwar will login into the account and do all stuff which was planned. Of course if you plan something the soldiers should be reserved so the math doesn´t mix up.
    This would improve your tool so much. At the moment you have to wait until the time comes and do the trickling/attack. But with this feature you could plan when you have time and the bot would do the rest.

    If you have multiple accounts, sometimes you cannot track all of em and when you are attacked you won´t always get notifications from the game. Therefore a notification feature like an email would be really nice. So you can check your account if you get attacked. Else everything is fine and the bot can do what it does 🙂
    I think this feature is good for ppl who played a long time and some players left the game and gave their accounts to the ally…

    Please think about both requests and i hope you will add them so using both tools will be easier and more comfortable. Even if you wont add them please tell us.

    Kind regards

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    Please add this! 🙂

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    LAKBot Team

    Hi Mayden,

    This are great suggestions!

    1. Scheduled actions on LAKWar is very complex, what happen if:
    – the troops are not reserved for external reason
    – an error ocurrs during scheduled action
    – is too late to perform the action
    – and so much…

    I have not planned to develop it in the short term.

    2. However, I have planned to include several LAKBot Notification by email
    – Under attack alerts and others report alerts
    – Player status change alerts (points, vacation mode, castles, alliance, …)
    – Alliance status change alerts (points, player count

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    actually if i use lakwar then the troops are not needed externally. Even if the reserved soldiers are used externally before lakwar can send the soldiers it will give an error right? Then we could make a notification via Email that there weren´t enough soldiers for a specific round or more rounds.
    The notification could be used for any errors.
    If the action to perfom is too late then it is too late. I suggested to make a new tab for this feature not overwrite the whole algorithm.
    BTW it would be nice to have a delta time to see how long we have to wait until an attack will be available. eg: attack time 07:00 -> i cannot see any attacks available earlier therefore i don´t know how long i have to wait. Therefore i always miss the minute and send the attacks like 07:03 or something. If we could say attaack time -30 mins we would know if there will be an attack available within the next 30 mins. If not a schedule feature would be nice. Cause we cannot stay infront of a pc the whole time or if we have to launch an attack in the evening when we go to sleep. This feature would be really cool. I know that it is complex but the most things are already done. We just need a timer which will start attacking when the time comes.
    Another suggestion would be to do a 1 click self trickle. After providing the needed information to lakwar you press a button and lakwar starts with the first round and does self trickle for a specific time, which will be entered before. Of course lakwar has to use def soldiers first if possible. If there are some rounds missing then lakwar should try to fill them after some minutes. Like a poll each minute…
    If the soldiers are not enough for the time given, than a notification should be send.

    As you see there is alot which can be done and alot potential for lakbot and lakwar.

    I hope you can spend your time for these features because it would be more comfortable and we could spend more time for real life.
    Short math: self trickle 1 castle takes lik 2-3 minutes -trickle for 6 hours. If you havee 100 castles and the half is under attack, it takes 100-150 minutes to do self trickle. As you see there is alot to optimize!


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