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    Lak bot 4 life

    I love the L&k bot and use it alot. Was wondering if I created another l&k account and purchased another l&k bot license for that email can I run multiple bots at the same time and is there a limit how many bots you can run and have. Also can you explain how to do it.

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    LAKBot Team

    The easiest solution is to run another bot in a different machine.
    I havent tested to run more than one bot instance in the same machine.
    I will take it into consideration for next releases

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    What about a server sided solution? Like Microsoft Azure or something like that. You could change the payment to a monthly fee and make the bot available via Web interface. Nobody has to run his own machine and I think much more people would subscribe. I can send you an example from an attack and defend script running on Microsoft Azure servers and it works great.

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    LAKBot Team

    Initially, I discarded it. A server side solution (with all actions from the same IP) increases the risk of being banned.

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    running two accounts on one PC the same time side by side works great for me! jfyi 😉

    just the problem with the farming since today is annoying but i know – as always – you are already working on it to get it fixed asap!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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