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    it would be very nice when you add a funtion to send res between own castle automaticly.

    when you get new castle and want to level the castle up you have to deliver res from your other castles to the new one to build it up faster.

    Maybe you could add function like “always send res from castle X,X,X,X (checkboxes) to castle X-new, when res in store are under 80%” or so

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    LAKBot Team

    Now we are working about that for the next release.

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Yes that would be great. I also got some other points to let you know.
    Please remove the trade checkmark checked automatically at new castles. No one wants to trade with a 40 or 13 pts castle 😀
    The auto attack / overtake function would be very helpful too.
    And is there a way to improve the performance? I got about 40 castles and the bot need over 10 minutes to work them all. But I think it’s limited to the xrality server performance.

    Thanks so much for the updates!

    Kind regards

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    And how does the farm checkmark “night” work? The bot only farms at night when they are checked. Wasn’t it supposed to be a 24h farm when they are checked? Not to farm at day time doesn’t make sense I think.


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    Is there a time fram you can give us for the update.

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    Michael can you maybe send us an email with the auto attack bot you’ve found? Emails are in the other Thread.
    Thanks! 🙂

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    Any news on a updated

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