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    Hello dear Support/Developer-Team of LaKBot,

    first of all.. thanks for the great bot! Some stuff really needs to be added, but the stuff that is already in the bot works great for me and I love it. 🙂 Lifetime license was really worth it.

    So.. Some things that REALLY have to get into the bot:

    1. Farm specific castles which you can choose, like castles from inactive players, but you have to choose them yourself if you know someone is “farmable”.

    2. Troops back feature: You capture a castle from like.. 30 castles. So.. now you got 5000+ troops from 30 castles in this 1 new castle.. Its really nasty to get them back by hand, you should be able to “withdraw” all troops from a specific castle. This would save ALOT of time later (100 castles+)

    3. Conquer feature: You choose a castle, how much troops are needed in total, and the bot is sending them with enough silver from all castles and so on. I HATE to do this by hand, it takes forever and its so much calculating if you need 50.000+ silver for a capture. I would LOOOOVE a feature like that!! Maybe I would even pay more money just for this feature + the feature Nr. 2.

    I may got more ideas in the future, but its late here, so this is it! 🙂 Please think about it, I think the conquer feature would be really appreciated from everyone.

    Kind regards,


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    Sending back troops is really easy i think, you just need to “select as active castle” and then “send back all troops”. Works from Browser also as from mobile.

    Conquering would be really nice! 🙂

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    How? You cant even select a castle in the browser.. Im playing this shit 24/7 on PC, never on mobile, cause mobile version sucks! ^^ I searched like 2 hours for something to send back everything.. found nothing.

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    you must have selected the castle as “active” when you choose it. After that, just click on defending units (the shield) and you should see the units from every castle. at the upper right corner there is a “send back all units” button. im pretty sure its in the browser version too.

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    LAKBot Team

    Good ideas (1 and 3).

    As Pete says you can do this at browser version too

    Sending back troops

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    Oh, thanks man! I hope you think about adding my ideas.

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