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    When I tried to log into my account today I received a message that I had been banned for one week due to use of third party tools. How does this happen? perhaps the new update of L&K is on to the use of a bot?

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    Same here, not sure how and why.. but I’m now banned for 7 days and cannot access my account during a big war.. if the ban doesn’t include a vacation mode then I will find half my castles lost by then …

    I expect this to happen to everyone using this bot sooner or later… the good days of playing the game without losing your job are out.. but sorry I have to keep my job!

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    Same here… atleast I would have expected a warning….
    Can LAK Bot team do something about this…
    Like Hide us so we can continue use or something.
    Please respond Lak Team

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    same here! i was banned Friday morning!

    LaK Team?

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    I am disappointed LK went for a severe 7 day ban without even a ‘hint’ of message. This first warning is a “final warning” and the next violation will result in the account closure.
    The days of buying gold are over for me. Heck, I may just uninstall the game and get a real life.

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    i wonder how did they recognise the bot login data.. I’m waiting for LaK Bot Team to let us know if they are around and they are working on it.. we haven’t heard from them awhile now..

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    LAKBot Team

    I fear that the suspicions are true.

    The latest game update fight against tools like this bot.

    I’ll start working on it from today.

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    Andreas X

    Same to me 🙁

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    Is anybody banned because of using the warbot?
    @banned user: did you use lakbot in a extreme mode (10min Intervall, extrem farming..)?

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    Let me guess all the guys from TCG and TCR got locked out?

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    for what server you are referring to?

    anyway i think the ban happened because of the extended use of the lakwar program, and not because of the lakbot.

    lately i had troubles adding cords and self trickling from the lakwar program, i had to click many times the button because of the no season error message.. change the way it connects, make it keep the connection alive and not connect-disconnect on every action we do.

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    You deserve to lose all of your castles, you all choose to cheat and then cry when you get caught. Grow up and learn how to play the game.

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    Cry babies

    I cannot believe that y’all are whining about this!! You know how many of us played against your bots spending hrs and losing sleep and family time to play this game when all you had to do was click and let it do all the work for you. Peace. If you can’t play the game fair, then good riddance. I’ve lost castles, and guess what, it wasn’t the end of the world!!!

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    👆 no one is whining, you’re the sad person here, we are happy that we had the chance to have a life and played the game for more than 2 years now without spending personal time, family time, work time and real money for gold! thank you LaK Bot Team for that! 👏👏

    who cares about the ban.. i haven’t lost anything, neither castles nor time for the game.. personally i will keep using lakbot programs to save my time and have a life 😉 👍

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    John, your a idiot.

    You might not have lost anything, but you are a coward and a weak player. You depend on something else to play this game for you. And you might not have spent money on gold, but you did for this bot. You are a pay to play player and a cheater on top of that. Wtf would you even play this game if your just going to pay someone to play it for you? Your weak dude. Have a nice ban!!

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