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    i donkt know why the bot doesent work 2 days ago, he stop of build all time say

    finding step 3 , nothing to build..

    in ohter castle diferent points finding step 2 , nothing to build..

    i donkt know why now bot cant build and up lvl the casttles.

    the others task of bots, farming , misions, are enabled and working good but building no! why?
    any admin can contack me becose have buyed 4 license

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    LAKBot Team


    It seems to work correctly. It may be a problem with your step configuration.
    “Save as…” and try to work only with build options.

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    i have tested with a lot of diferent setings ,

    for example say nothing to build in step 3 and for example the armery in step 3 maximum are lvl 25 armery is in 20 and dont lvl up..
    i tested with a new account in default settings and nothing in casttle lvl 20 dont get up points…

    why tthis shit i got 4 acc of bot and i cant do nothing…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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