08 Oct / Human behavior

The bot is now more secure (not undetectable) whit new human behavior features.

Thanks to Hamster for his Russian translation

– Changes v2.3.1 –

  • Added human behavior
    • the bot waits severeal seconds between actions
    • the bot waits serveral minutes between worlds connections
    • the bot has a working time during the week
  • Added Russian translation
  • Fixed error when refresh castle after run cancelation
  • Fixed knowledge research list boundary for fortresses
  • Fixed unit recruit list boundary for fortresses
By LAKBot Team in LAKBot News
  • Patrick

    Is there a way to add a “silver transport between castels” option?

    Or something like this allowing to send silver to an other castel if one is already full.
    Thx in advance.

  • Luis

    Can you tell us the OS where it has been developed and tested?I tried it in XP and Win7 and it doesnt work. If it doesnt run properly you should retire it and stop selling a software that doesnt has support or maintenance.

    • LAKBot Team

      LAKBot and LAKWar work on Windows Machines (XP, WIN7, Vista, WIN8, Win8.1, WIN10)


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