LAKWar Documentation

How to start

  1. Download and install the tool from the link above. The installer download required .Net Framework if you have not installed it.
  2. Open LAKWar with desktop shortcut. In General Options tab, enter your email and password of your game portable account. Then enter your activation code press send activation code button.
  3. Change to Worlds & Castles tab, press refresh button to load worlds and castles for your account.
    If no worlds are shown, check your account data.

General Options Tab

  • Alias: Custom text to show on window title and notification buble text
  • Email: Your L&K Portable account email
  • Password: Your L&K Portable account password
  • Code: Activation code. It is only necessary to send activation code once
  • Language: Interface language

World & Castles Tab

  • Worlds: List of sign in worlds
    • Name: World name
    • Active: Active bot features
  • Castles: List of own castles for selected world
    • Name: Castle name
    • Attack: Active castle to include in attacks
    • Trickling: Active castle to include in trickling lists
    • Search: Load the castle link on Castle Search Tab and then search
    • Custom text: Custom text to be used on rename feature
    • Set as pattern: Copy castle name to world pattern rename
  • Rename: Bulk rename feature
    • Pattern: Pattern used to rename all your castles
    • Add custom code: a internal code that it will be replaced for each castle
      • Castle zone: Zone according to this map distribution
      • Castle custom text: Castle custom text defined for each castle
      • Castle sequencial number: A globla sequencial number will be used
      • Castle number per zone: A sequencial number for each different zone
      • Castle number per custom text: A sequencial number for each different custom text
    • Rename button: Perform the rename of all your castle

Castle Search Tab

  • Paste castle link: Link to castle to search arround
  • Results:
    • Castle Name: Name of the habitat found
    • Castle Points: Points of the habitat found
    • Distance: Distance from link to castle
    • Player name: Player name of the habitat found
    • Player points: Player points of the habitat found
    • Alliance Name: Alliance name of the habitat found
    • Alliance Points: Alliance points of the habitat found
    • Map X: Map x of the habitat found
    • Map Y: Map y of the habitat found
    • Diplomacy: Diplomacy of the habitat found
    • Vacation: Indicates if the player is in vacation mode
    • Reserved: Indicates if the castle is reserved
    • New Attack: Load a new attack on Attack Targets Tab
    • New Fake: Load a new fake on Attack Targets Tab

Attack Targets Tab

  • Paste castle link: Link to castle to attack
  • Targets:
    • Name: Custom name of attack target
    • Link: Link to castle to attack
    • Server name
    • Habitat name
    • Attack type: Attack to assault attack, Fake to fake attack
    • Min Troops: Not used yet
    • Max Troops: Maximum trops to use in attack. A proportional distribution is done if there are more troops in the selected option.
    • Max Castles: Maximum castles to use in attack.
    • Required Silver: Maximum silver to use in attack. A proportional distribution is done if there are more silver in the selected option.
    • Attack Time: Earliest date to load options
    • Load Attack Option: Load all options according to defined data
    • Done: Indicates if the attack has already launched
  • Options:
    • Transport time: Total time of transport
    • Total troop: All available troops
    • Total silver: All available silver limited to unit capacity
    • Attack: Perfom current attack option. Be sure, your machine clock is synchronized (See Synchronizing with an Internet time server at
  • Castle options
    • Castle: Name of castle
    • Transport time: Total time of transport from this castle
    • Total troops: All available troops from this castle
    • Total silver: All available silver from this castle limited to unit capacity
  • Unit options
    • Unit: Name of unit
    • Count: All available units


  • Paste castle link: Link to castle to attack
  •  Targets:
    • Name: Custom name of attack target
    • Link: Link to castle to attack
    • Server name
    • Habitat name
    • Start time: Trickling start time (generally attack time)
    • End time:  Trickling end time
    • Load options: Load slots and trickling options according to defined data
  • Slots
    • Start time: Slot start time
    • Slot: Slot name
    • Done: Checked if  there are a defense transit to arrives on this slot. Also you can check it manually.
  • Trickling options
    • Habitat name: Source habitat name
    • Unit: Main unit
    • Unit Aux: Auxiliar unit (generally slower unit)
    • Count: Main unit count
    • Transport time: Total time of transport from this castle
    • Arrival time: Arrival time of transport
    • Done: Checked if  it is a real launched transit
    • Start transit: Start current transit


  • Load: Load available options from self-trickling based on send resources
  • Worlds:
    • Name of world
  • Castles:
    • Castle: Name of castle
    • Attack Time: Custom attack time
  • Options
    • Unit: Trickling unit. Used the half of minimum unit battle plus delta defined on War options Tab
    • Arrival: Arrival date of trickling
    • Performed: Indicates if the trickling has been launched
    • Transit: Transit information
    • Slot: Battle slot based on attack time on Castle List
    • Trickling: Perfom current trickling

War Options Tab

  • Trickling options
    • Delta trickling units: Trickling sends the half of minimum unit battle plus this count
  • Attack options
    • Delay: Random delay between attacks. (Hardcoded minimum of 3 seconds)

Error Log Tab

  • Server: world error
  • Time: error time
  • Text: error description
  • Extra information: error extra information

Advanced Options Tab

  • Proxy options: left blank if you don’t want to use a proxy server
    • Proxy server: full proxy server url
    • Proxy user credentials: optional
    • Proxy password credentials: optional