03 Jun / Rename your castles

Rename your castles automatically.

– Changes v1.3 –

  • Added castle rename feature
  • Added custom radius on castle searches
  • Added new fake button on Attack targets
  • Fixed synchronized attacks
  • Fixed required silver for fortresses
By LAKBot Team in LAKWar News
  • bst2k

    Awesome, thx!

  • Andreas X

    Self Trickling with Fortress does not work 🙁

  • bst2k

    How does the Rename work? I always got the Error “Der Index war außerhalb des Arraybereichs”

  • bst2k

    Oh and Sync does not work all the time!

    First Sync Att worked fine, for the next one i got the error “An Error has occured sync attack”…

    • Kevin M.

      The sync error is related to the castles which needs the longest time. If two castles have the final time it can happen that the synchro on the second castle doesn’t work.

      I typically check that the castle which is the longest in the list is really the only one and then I never have this problem again.


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