29 Oct / Secure, magic attack and recall units features

LAKWar is now more secure (not undetectable) whit new secure features.

Added new magic attack and recall units features and some more changes and fixes.

– Changes v1.4.1 –

  • Fixed Not enoght troops alert on fake targets

– Changes v1.4 –

  • Added secure features
    • Added delay between connections
    • Added delay between commands
    • Removed asynchronous calls on castle search
    • Removed asynchronous calls on castle rename
  • Added magic attack feature
  • Added recall units feature
  • Added player is under attack protection alert on attack targets
  • Added minimum troops and silver alert on attack targets
  • Changed 3 digits (instead of 2) in “Castle sequential number” code on castle rename
  • Added a delete log entries button on Error log Tab
  • Fixed trickling and self-trickling on fortresses
  • Fixed Index Out Of Range Error on Rename
  • Fixed sinchronization errors


By LAKBot Team in LAKWar News
  • john

    magic trickling button on the ‘self-trickling’ tab, please

  • Pete

    And is it possible to add a tab to read out reserved castles? Would make it much more easy 🙂 thanks!

  • Marco

    Whats this magic attack feature? How does it work?

    • LAKBot Team

      With this feature you can set a list of targets and execute all together

  • Marco

    is this just for fake attacks or with silver?

  • LAKBot Team


    But be sure to calculate the required silver for multiple real attacks


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