27 Oct / Ultimate trickling

There are a lot of improvements on trickling process. Now lakbot can use delay transits feature on trickling and uses a new two steps trickling (First send a unit to prepare the trickling and then synchronize with another castle).

– Changes LAKWar v1.11 –

  • Added trickling type column on trickling options grid
  • Added delayed feature on trickling
  • Added “Use delayed tricling” checkbox on War options Tab
  • Added two steps trickling (“Prepare and synchronize”)
  • Added “Factor trickling units” to set the number of units sent on trickling
  • Added trickling units calculator
  • Changed Magic Trickling for delayed feature
  • Changed Magic Trickling form two steps trickling
  • Changed Magic Trickling: now uses the option with more units
By LAKBot Team in LAKWar News
  • Pete

    thanks for the update!! cant wait to test it 🙂

  • euplotes

    Hello, after the update I’ve severals problems:
    – the ammount of silver is not correct
    – if I launch an attack, I’ve sincronization error
    – if I want updat/modify an attack, the program freeze

    I tried to reinstall the program, delete the xml, but I’m able to solve the issue


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